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Flexible, Cost Effective Training Solutions For Your Organisation

Need a flexible & effective training solution for your business?

Are you managing a small to medium business or heading up a global organisation with an endless headcount? If so, how are you managing your training needs?

Providing suitable & sufficient training for your staff helps to meet your legal duty, to protect the health & safety of your employees.

But where do you start?

Read on to find out more about our accredited e-learning courses and the flexible business account options we can provide, so you can relax knowing that training is one less thing on the to do list.

Accredited E-Learning Courses

We offer over 100 professionally produced, accredited health, safety & business e-learning courses, covering a wide range of subjects and sectors.

You would think that one-on-one training would cost a fortune and be time-consuming to organise. Well, it isn’t! Our one-on-one tutor led interactive online training goes at precisely the pace required by each individual. It provides an opportunity to go over the learning content as often as required so every employee gets the optimum learning experience that’ll be retained and applied to keep your business safe and compliant.

At a fraction of the cost and fraction of management time than you’d expect, our accredited e-Learning training courses have the added bonus of a minimal loss of productivity because it’s really efficient and flexible.

Accredited by industry leading bodies and organisations such as IIRSM, IATP and the Institute of Hospitality, many of the courses are CPD certified too, meaning that learning points contribute towards your teams continuous professional development, particularly important for those looking to achieve higher/chartered status with professional bodies.

For more information and to see the range of courses available, take a look at our training page HERE.

What Business Account Options Are Available?

We have created three simple business account options to manage your training needs, easily & effectively. Take a look below at the features and benefits of each of the business account options. These options include a pay as you go option, pre-paid and an ongoing subscription.

For more information or to sign up, get in touch today. Simply email EMAIL with your requirements, and one of our team will be in touch.


Suitable for small to medium organisations

Cost per course as shown on training pages

Admin account to manage & track progress

Access to over 100 courses

Purchase courses as and when required

No Commitment

Click on the button above to view the list of all courses available. Add the combination and quantity you require to your basket. Register for a business account and complete the transaction.

Advanced Credits

Flexible solution

Reduced course rates based on the amount purchased upfront.

Admin account to manage & track progress

Access to over 100 courses

Manage your own credit account

Tiered discounts based on amount invested

Flexibility to allocate courses when required

One off payment- reducing need to raise purchase orders

Click on the button above to request a quote.


Our Most Cost Effective Solution

From £4.50 Exc VAT per person, per month, based on 51-100 employees.

Most cost effective solution

Admin account to manage & track progress

Unlimited Access to over 100 courses

Each user can complete as many courses as they want in 12 months

Our best discounts

Spread the cost over 12 monthly payments

Cost is based on numbers of personnel

Click the button above to rest a quote. Monthly payments are taken by direct debit or re-curring invoice. A set up fee applies.

Add Value To Your Organisation Through Training

Investing in training for your employees is recognised as one of the best methods to not only improve productivity within the organisation, it is also proven to improve the companies safety culture too. Its often a win win situation for the organisation and staff.

Other key benefits to implementing an ongoing training programme include:

Reduction in incidents: Improved awareness, knowledge and training of specific tasks, so can dramatically reduce the number and frequency of incidents & accidents in the organisation.

Improved Productivity: Better engagement form the team as morale is improved because employees gain value from training, leading to increased profitability.

Retention: Investing in your staff demonstrates care and ultimately in return increases staff retention. Reducing recruitment costs, overtime and burden put on others to meet deadlines.

Reduction in lost time: A competent workforce are statistically happier in their work, which reduces sickness both short and long term. So invest now into one of our business account options for your team.


All of our courses are accredited, so you can rest assured that they meet the grade of quality in terms of content and delivery.

You can monitor, manage and track users progress from your admin account. Allocate new courses and receive reminders for when renewals are due, saving you time having to contact us for quotes and raising purchase orders. Using one of our business account options gives you peace of mind that your staff are always up to date and informed!

Your candidates will receive a certificate for each course after completion. This is a digital PDF only, example shown.

Do you need health & safety support?

Short to long term contracts, we are keen to engage on your next project and deliver exemplar health & safety services. Get in touch now to discuss your requirements.