Basic Legionella Management


This course is primarily aimed at building and facilities managers and maintenance professionals that have nominated responsibilities for water systems.

Our interactive training course is aimed at all employers and staff to assist them in identifying the danger that Legionella poses, as well as covering ways to identify and assess sources of risk from Legionella on the premises.


Current legislation set out by the Health and Safety at Work Act along with the HSE’s updated code of practice known as L8, state that companies and building owners have a legal duty to manage Legionella.

It also gives you enough knowledge to get a Legionella control programme off the ground yourself – or make confident, informed choices when commissioning others to take this on for you. 

Lack of training and awareness of Legionella have been shown to be factors in many outbreaks of legionella. Having adequate training and carrying out appropriate checks can ensure water system safety.


By the end of this course, you will:
• Know what Legionnaires’ Disease is, and how it is contracted
• Understand the conditions that promote growth of Legionella bacteria
• Be aware of the history of Legionnaires’ Disease
• Have been presented with facts regarding contagion, distribution and identification of Legionnaires’ Disease
• Be able to identify risk areas in businesses, workplaces and public areas
• Be able to identify appropriate legislation, responsibilities and consequences to individuals and organisations of non-compliance
• Know how to manage risk to eliminate and reduce it
• Understand the five key elements of Legionella management
• Understand the importance of record keeping and records required
• Be aware of practical prevention tasks and how to carry them out, including testing and monitoring
• Be introduced to risks, prevention, testing, monitoring and water sampling relating specifically to cooling systems


Each module is rounded off with several multiple-choice questions, candidates are required to get 70% on these tests to pass the course. They have the opportunity to review all the answers at the end of each module before final submission and will be given 3 attempts to achieve the required result.


  • What is Legionella?
  • Risk Areas
  • Legislation
  • Risk Management
  • Water System Monitoring
  • Cooling System Awareness

CPD Units: 3

Approved by iirsm, cpd, Gatehouse Awards

75 Minutes*

*The course duration is based on the amount of video content shown and is rounded off. It does not account in any way for loading time or thinking time on the questions


As you work through each of the modules listed above, you will be tested with multiple choice questions. This will determine if you have absorbed and retained the information you have learned.

It is a requirement of the course to achieve an overall 70% score. You have three free attempts to complete the course.

You will received a certificate after completion. This is a digital PDF only, example shown. 

Course Screenshots